Xbox One, Podcast, and more Titanfall

I’ve been a lot of traveling lately for work, and that isn’t going to change, with my new job I’ll be traveling about 75-80% of the time, and while I’m OK with doing that I often miss out on my playing my Xbox One because of the smaller size of the PS4 I usually travel with it and leave the bulky Xbox One at home. After about 3-4 weeks of being away from home I returned to my Xbox One and had surprisingly missed it. I’ve been pretty vocal about how much better my PS4 is than my Xbox One, while I do like both consoles, for a gaming console the PS4 blows it out of the water, but the other features of the Xbox One are starting to grow on me. I’m really digging the voice commands, Xbox On turns on my console and my TV, Xbox Watch AMC, changes my channel to AMC, Xbox Volume Up turns the sound up…you get the point. But there is more, I was playing Titanfall last night and wanted to add a couple of friends to a party for party chat, Xbox Snap, Party, it added a small pane to the right of my Titanfall game and let me invite friends to the party without leaving the game, Xbox Unsnap closed the snap after my party was created. Its little things like those that really has me enjoying the Xbox One experience and I’m excited to see how this progresses throughout the life of the console.

Last night I stayed up late to finish the last touches on getting our podcast edited, and I do hate that it took me so long to get it posted, but I have been pretty busy…you know with the Titanfall beta and catching up on Arrow. I had to cut some pretty funny content out because it was pretty inappropriate but I can say this, I laughed more listening to this podcast than any of the others. If you already enjoyed the Nexus of Nerds podcast then you are in for a treat with Tyler, the guy came in and it was like he had been there all along, well it was actually it his second time recording, the first time we had some audio issues. I hope everyone downloads the podcast and enjoys it! If you do like the podcast find us on iTunes and give us a good review and rating.

Today is the last day of the Titanfall beta and that makes me sad…I spent a couple of hours last night playing with a couple of buddies of mine and it was the most I’ve had in an online game in years. It felt fresh and new like Modern Warfare did back in the day, or how exciting it was to play Halo 3 for the first time. The game mechanics are amazing and it is so much fun to play. I’m going to preorder it and may even preorder the collectors edition, that’s how much I like this game. The last collector’s edition game I bought was years ago and it was Star Wars: The Old Republic, so I don’t do this often.


Yep I watched WWE Raw and got sucked back in.

It always happens, I think I’m done with wrestling and I always get sucked back in. The last time it happened it was because my 5 year started watching it and I got drawn back into the storylines, this most recent time is because WWE is about to launch the WWE Network, bascially a Netflix of all former WWE, WCW, and ECW pay-per-views, but with the addition of getting access to all current pay-per-views, including the big daddy of them all, Wrestlemania, I was excited about the streaming network and wanted to watch Raw to see if the current stories and superstars were enough to call for the 10 dollar a month price tag of the WWE Network…turns out it that Raw has gotten so much better since the last show I watched.

The old school style back stage interviews are back, granted without Randy Savage I doubt they’ll ever be as much fun, but none the less they are back and are fun to watch. The ending of the show was what really had me hooked, a big fight with about a dozen superstars all going at it when the show ends, and even before that, the lights going off and when the come back 3 more superstars in the ring for a huge brawl that leads right into the coming PPV event.

I know of at least one other podcast co-host who also watches so we may make it a very small part of the podcast to talk about WWE.

This blog sucks, Titanfall, GTA V and more.

So I decided I wanted to post something on this page, I pulled up the website and boom a post I did months ago about a media center on the Xbox One. Wow have I really not posted anything since then? OK fair enough I need to start posting more, I know that this website needs some fresh content and it is never going to happen if I don’t take the time to do it. I’m not saying that I am going to start posting everyday, I know better and anyone that knows me well knows better. I will try to start posting a few times a week, I think I can pull that off. The posts will probably be much shorter but I do play a lot of games, watch a lot of TV, read a lot, and argue with other fanboys on message boards…I’m sure I can find something to write about! Also I’ve kind of realized that I am not really happy with the way this website looks…I’ve changed it several times but I’m never happy with it, perhaps now is the time to learn how to build WordPress themes.

OK so the website is out of the way, I want to talk about Titanfall, the big “system seller” for the Xbox One. Let me back up a little bit and give you a little backstory. Titanfall is the big first-person shooter/mech game that was shown at E3 and the gaming world went nuts, it was going to be the next big multiplayer shooter following in the footsteps of Call of Duty and Battlefield, there is one problem with that…I don’t like multiplayer shooters. Sure I’ll play Call of Duty with a group of friends, and enjoy it but I don’t want to spend any amounts of time playing it. I quickly get bored with it and while I’ll always play through the campaign, those games don’t really do it for me and I’m never excited about a new one. I spent like 10 minutes with Battlefield before deciding there was too much going on for me and haven’t touched it since. So Titanfall did not look like a game that I would ever care about, the graphics are no where near as good looking as other next-gen games and the fact that it was only coming to Xbox One was kind of a bummer because most of friends have switched to PS4 this time around. Ryse was honestly the only Xbox One game that I was excited about and one of the only reasons I wanted an Xbox One and that game delivered for me, but it seemed like most people were more excited about Titanfall. Early today I saw that one of my Facebook friends posted they were playing the Titanfall beta and was having a blast with it…OK so the beta was free and available to anyone…why not? I downloaded it to my Xbox One and forgot about it, after I got back from church I fired up the Xbox One and saw it was installed so I fired it up from the very first part of the tutorial I knew this game was going to be something much more than another shooter. The game does a lot of things that change the way a shooter would typically work, the wall running, double jumping, and SMART weapons are a few of the things that really impressed me, I played through the tutorials, used the stealth system, ran up walls, double jumped my way from one module to the next, and killed 3 enemies with one shot using the smart targeting weapons. I was having a blast and I hadn’t even looked at a Titan yet. So when I finally got to play as one of the Titans I was hooked. Fighting other Titans is fun and challenging and having to deal with other soldiers not in Titans trying to take you out with anti-tank weapons all added to the challenge. When you step foot in multiplayer and are told you have 2 minutes until your Titan is ready, you get so hooked on running up walls trying to do some Matrix style kills until your Titan is ready…when you hop in your Titan the game changes big time. You immediately start running towards any red dots on your mini-map to start crushing the enemies, other players will be on roofs trying to shoot down your Titan while you are in a battle with another enemy Titan…I was having a blast. Unfortunately it is Sunday and being a procrastinator I do have homework due so I couldn’t continue to play. But Titanfall is a game I will be buying.


On a different note, I bought Grand Theft Auto V the day it released…the day before actually so that my PS3 could download it that night and I could have it installed and ready to play when I woke up the next day. I played through the Story mode non-stop and had a lot of fun with it, when the launched GTA Online I tried it the servers crashed, the game was impossible to play so I gave up on it and didn’t try it again. Then Tyler (you’ll hear him on this weeks podcast) mentioned to me that he had been playing online on this 360 with another friend of ours and that they were having a blast with it. I decided to give it another try and fired it up on my PS3 and while I was able to play this time it still wasn’t that fun. Someone later convinced me that you had to play with friends before you got a good experience from it, so I grabbed a copy for the 360 and ended up playing with friends and it was an awesome experience. So I’ll be spending a lot more time with GTA online in the coming months.

I guess that pretty much sums it up for this post, like I said expect more content much more often from the Nexus of Nerds and a much more consistent podcast as well.

Turn Xbox One into a Media Center

MC MainSo the Xbox One is the ONE multimedia device that you need for your living room…hence the name Xbox One. It plays HD games, it can access the internet, it plays Netflix and Hulu, and can play your Blu-ray movies. The one problem I have with the Xbox One was lack of home video streaming. Now you can get around this a couple different ways but it’s never a nice interface that you can access from your Xbox One. A quick easy way is to enable Play To in your Xbox One settings, then you can write click a video file on your computer and choose Play To then Xbox One. But that has to be done from your PC every time.

A user on the IGN boards a link to something called Xbox Local Video, it’s a small web app that you run on your PC and it creates a media center front you can access from Internet Explorer on your Xbox One. As long as your video files are in MP4 you’ll be able to play them. There are some steps you have to take first to get it up and running and it can be complicated but anyone that tries this and has problems just contact me in the comments on this post and I’ll help you out, I helped a guy on IGN yesterday via Team Viewer and was able to him up and running.

If you are interested in getting this up and running your machine check out . They have some pretty vague instructions on their website but its doable, and if you want a tool that will organize all your movies into folders with the posters and back art check out Ember Media Manager at

Movie Screen

Like I said it can be complicated but I’ll help you guys out.

Upcoming Podcast


Hey everyone its Jimmy here just wanted to do a quick post to let everyone know that the podcast will be coming out later this week, we are going to record in a few days and it’ll be up pretty quick. We took a break last week because most of us were out-of-town or spending Thanksgiving with family. With the holidays coming up so quick I’m not sure how often we’ll manage to record in December but we will try our best to get a few out in the month.

We have a lot to talk about this week, Tommy and I were both very happy with the Killzone: Shadow Fall ending, I started playing Assassin’s Creed IV, Tommy is working on the COD: Ghosts campaign, and Hayden has been doing private Hayden stuff. I watched Hunger Games: Catching Fire as well and have started reading the first book so we’ll probably dive into that.

Holidays have been a blast so far! Also I still haven’t picked out an Xbox One game so my Xbox is pretty much a $500 way to turn my TV on so I’ll be figuring that out before the podcast.